025: Disruptive Tattooing


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Welcome to Season 3 of BOOKS CLOSED! We are joined by tattoo artist Justin Weatherholtz (Kings Ave Tattoo, NYC) this week to discuss a handful of tattooing's industry disruptors.

One of those disruptors, Shanzey Afzal (Ink Minx Tattoo) also stops in to talk about her journey into and out of tattooing.

The episode ends with a field trip to an NYC bar that puts drinks and tattoo machines in the hands of the public.

Justin Weatherholtz: @justinweatherholtz

Shanzey Afzal: @inkminxtattoo

FIB Tattoo Bar: @fibtattoobar

BOOKS CLOSED is hosted by Andrew Stortz (@andrewstortz)

Music by SAKURA @sakura.beatz

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