Biogas GEM™5000 With H2S | Portable Methane Detector


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"Hello, We are introduce to our Diamond Scientific Comapny and their product Biogas GEM™5000 With H2S | Portable Methane Detector located in cocoa, florida, in USA. Best technology in the world to measure gas Competitive pricing Service and 35+ years of experience company. The Portable Biogas Analyzer 5000 With H2S is used for The Accurate Gas Monitoring. BIOGAS 5000 Methane Detectors have A Robust, High Quality Design which can be Fitted easily And are extremely Easy To Use In Laboratory, Farms, Food Processing Plants And, Wastewater Treatment Facilities. Portable methane gas detector measures CH4 0-100%, CO2 0-100%, And O2 % 0-25% By Volume, Static, Differential And Barometric Pressures Measures H2S (Hydrogen Sulfide) (Optional) NH3 (Ammonia) (Optional) Reads Gas Temperature With Optional Temperature Probe Calculates Balance Gas And Flow (SCFM) Compatible With The LSGAM (LANDTEC System Gas Analyzer Manager) Software ATEX, CSA Certified Easy Field Calibration By User Self-Test And Self-Monitoring On Start Up Stores Readings And Calibration Data Easy-To-Read Screen With Backlight User-Changeable Filters Three-Year Warranty Methane leak detector enables Consistent Collection Of Data For Improved Analysis And Accurate Reporting Validates Flow And Gas Composition For Carbon Credit Trading Provides Calibration Audit Trail And Backup Documentation When Used With LSGAM Software Agency Accepted Methodologies (I.E. Onboard Data Storage, Direct Data Download, Stored Calibration Records, Etc.) Calibrated To ISO/IEC 17025 Field-Proven Technology Local Support And Calibration/Repair Facility, THANK YOU"

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