4. Hong Kong (China) - In The Mood For Love


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In the film, we follow two people stuck in unhappy marriages so it's pretty clear that something will happen between them. This is not a spoiler that much the poster and the title itself give away. What leads to it, what is it that happens, and what happens after it is what the film is about. You might think that the setup is fairly predictable but don’t be too sure even with this predictable set up the film manages to surprise you more than once. Title: In The Mood For Love Year: 2000 Director: Wong Kar-wai Cinematographer: Christopher Doyle, Mark Lee Ping Bin Producer: Wong Kar-wai Screenplay: Wong Kar-wai Cast: Maggie Cheung, Tony Leung Score: Michael Galasso Editing: William Chang Runtime: 1hr 38m Genre: Romance Rating: IMDB 8.1, Rotten Tomatoes 91% Awards: Best Actor/Technical Grand Prize [2000, Cannes], Best Actor/Actress/Editing/Makeup and Costume/Art Direction [2000, Hong Kong Film Awards]

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