How 2021 surprise teams will fare in ‘22?


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Michigan, Michigan State, Oklahoma State and Baylor were among the best surprise teams in 2021. What are their prospects for an encore in 2022? National college football writer Brandon Marcello from 247 Sports joins AP’s Ralph Russo to put a bow on the 2021 season by glancing ahead to ’22. Fourteen teams that were unranked to start last season finished in the final AP Top 25. The Wolverines, Spartans, Cowboys and Bears landed in the top-10. Can they make championship runs again in 2022? Which ACC upstart, Wake Forest or Pitt, is best situated to challenge in the conference again? Which surprise team in 2021 is set up to be next season’s Group of Five favorite? Also, what were our worst and best predictions for 2021.

Russo’s preseason predictions:

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