Klimat – Geoengineering


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GEO-ENGINEERINGClimate Geoengineering – our future at the crossroads

As temperatures keep rising, our future is going to be determined through the choices that we make now. Scientists share the consent that the Paris target of staying below 2°C warming cannot be reached without massively absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Some fear that even this may not be enough to avert catastrophic climate tipping points, advocating for research into solar geoengineering – efforts to reflect incoming sunlight by spreading a veil of particles into the stratosphere.

Ina Möller will give an overview of where the discussion about climate engineering is at, the arguments for it, and the arguments that we need to make in order to steer its development onto a path that is inclusive, equitable and just. This lecture will be held in english.

This lecture is a part of Klimatfrontens events during the week due to the IPCC:s meeting in Malmö. Check out Klimatfronten at facebook for more information and don’t miss out on participating in Be the red line – Malmö för klimaträttvisa the 28th of October!


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