Klimat 2.4 – Klimakollektivet – Free the soil


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Industrial agriculture, climate change, and the Free the Soil campaign

For our forth lecture we’ve invited the danish climate action group KlimaKollektivet for a talk on industrial agriulture, the Free the Soil campaign and the planned mass action of 2019!

While there is much discussion about the link between fossil fuel and climate change, there is less discussion on the role of industrial agriculture in human caused climate change. Agriculture and land use change accounts for 24% of total greenhouse gas emissions, and industrialization of the sector has led to a few large corporations profiting from these emissions.
Therefore, to battle climate change, we must stop the industrial agriculture system. In this talk, a member of the Free the soil campaign will present the role of industrial agriculture in causing climate change, and will introduce this campaign as a new starting point to fight industrial agriculture.
We will also discuss upcoming actions in the late summer and fall of 2019!


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