Vlad Rimburg Pt 1: From Indie to Hollywood, Making Fighters Look Good


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Introducing: Vlad Rimburg, the bad boy from Belarus. Vlad is an action / 2nd unit director, fight coordinator, fight choreographer, editor, and performer. Notable works include Lucifer, Sultan, and Unlucky Stars. You can find much of his work, from professional pre-viz to action short passion projects, on his YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/vjvlad?pbjreload=102.

In this episode, we discuss transitioning from the indie action world to hollywood, the state of female representation in action films, and how smoke can supplement the creative process. Vlad also talks about the different roles of fight choreographers and fight coordinators as well as emphasizes the importance of applying film theory and getting practical experience. He also recalls his experience with sparring, forms, and how each offers unique benefits for screen-fighting. If you need some practical financial advice as a stunt performer, Vlad has you covered as well.

Join us as we chat with Vlad Rimburg: action director.

Edited by Luigi Hernandez

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