Children's Stories for Bedtime. 3/8yrs.


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Originally published in book form for adults to read to the heads on the pillow. With podcasts and the worry of young eyes watching many screens, the stories may now be listened to by the children.There are no ogres, nasties or things that go bump in the night in the stories. Music by John Bartmann Soundi Radio has selected this podcast for their platform. With 10 million plus listeners in the continent of Africa, and plus my regular listeners in 87 countries, you could say I am helping to put plenty of kids to sleep at night!Blackheath London. The Bronx New York, and Dublin Ireland. A big thank you to these three cities. They are top of the listeners tree for this children's podcast. It is only seven months old and nudging it;s way into the world top 25% for it's genre! COMING SOON!Uncle Roland's Pleasure Place.Unlike short bedtime stories, Uncle Roland's Pleasure Place is a full length children's novel. Told in chapters over many weeks, With each chapter appearing every fortnight. Let your kids and their imaginations loose in the pleasure place!

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