Episode 70 – Let That Be Your Last Battlefield


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In this episode of Trekking Through Compliance, we consider the episode Let That Be Your Last Battlefield which aired on January 10, 1969, and occurred on Star Date 5730.0

On its way to decontaminate the planet Arianis, the Enterprise intercepts a shuttlecraft stolen from Starbase 4 together with its pilot. The pilot is an alien who is solid white on his right side and solid black on his left. His name is Lokai, and he claims to be a political refugee from Cheron. Shortly thereafter, another alien is deposited on the bridge of the Enterprise by a spaceship just before it disintegrates. The new alien identifies himself as Bele, a police officer from Cheron who has been tracking Lokai for over 50,000 years. Bele is black on the right and white on the left and is outraged when Kirk sees no difference in them. Bele considers his coloration superior to Lokai and others "his kind." Lokai and Bele claim to be in the right, but Kirk stays above the argument, offering to drop them off at a Starbase.

Bele attempts to force the Enterprise to Charon but returns control to Kirk when he threatens to self-destruct the Enterprise. After the Enterprise has decontaminated Arianis, Bele deactivates the destruct mode and forces the Enterprise to Cheron. Here, Bele and Lokai discover that all life there has been destroyed by years of racially-motivated fighting. Driven mad by the sight, Lokai and Bele both beam down to the surface, where they will continue to fight each other until one or both are dead.

Compliance Takeaways:

1. Why is language translation so important for compliance?

2. What is the role of compliance in creating a safe workspace?

3. Why should your organization only deal with ethical businesses?


Excruciatingly Detailed Plot Summary by Eric W. Weisstein


Memory Alpha

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