Significance of Dusshera


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Ravana is a son of Vishrava, who is a respectable brahmana, give him the dignity, the integrity of a proper last rite. And Vibhisana personally with his heart and soul performed the last rite for Ravana. Sita was retured to Ram, for the sake of the world, Her chastity was tested and she revealed for all times, absolute purity of Her devotion to Sri Ramchandra. They retuned to Ayodhya, where Sri Ramchandra was coroneted as the king. Today represents good over evil, godliness over godlessness, morality over immorality, love over hate and envy. Today represents bhakti, devotion, taking shelter of The Supreme Personality of Godhead as the only force that could conquer all the obstacles on the path of Krishna consciousness. Dashehra is the day that we celebrate victory, victory of defeating maya and all of her powers with the mercy of The Supreme Personality of Godhead. Today is the day of hope, today is the day to build faith, today is the day of taking serious vow, to take whole hearted shelter of the only shelter in all of creation, the Supreme Lord who has so mercifully appeared in this age of Kali in His Holy Names “Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Ram Hare Ram Ram Ram Hare Hare.”

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