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Adjusting outlook, reordering perspective while moving forward to a goal. Giving voice to vision. Dream it, then do it. Constructive imagination, creative fantasy, piercing the veil to another level of reality. Becoming aware of ever present energy processes. Supernatural and intuitive images, thoughts and feelings. Seeing the invisible. Bringing spiritual or abstract insights into the everyday, magic found in routine places or activities, the power in manifesting dreams through discipline and small consistent effort. First responders and attendants, whose duty and honor are to stand by. Waiting, but ready to act at any time. One who can look beyond the form, able to read between the lines to read omens, interpret signals. Translating far out insights efficiently for practical applications. Getting in touch with nature spirits. The need to stay grounded, rooted, earthbound so as not to become unmoored and end up losing the plot. The necessity of following one’s inner voice, inner vision. Fairies, elves, trolls, leprechauns, earth spirits.

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