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Yoga Radio Sessions #51 Perfect for your yoga. There are quite a few classes, tips & tricks if you browse the Facebook and on the YesYoga YouTube channel. This music works perfectly as a soundtrack for yoga in your livingroom or garden or whereever. Or just tune in to the music. DJ: Curt Lundberg, the Yoga DJ Sessions & YesYoga resident DJ. Music for the masses. PS: There are also lots of playlists on the Spotify • Yoga Radio Sessions is brought to you by YesYoga - the corporate yoga specialist. Hire us for yoga & meditation at your workplace, festival, event, school or conference. • We´re on the web, Instagram, YouTube, Spotify and Facebook. See you there and on the frequenzies - all pods can be found on • All suggestions, opinions and pecan fudge pies can be directed to • Keep track on what´s going on in the yoga world in Sweden on (you have to handle Swedish though). • One of Stockholms largest yoga communities, where innovative, happy yoga classes are listed (some of them free!) is

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