Willie Robertson’s Debate Recap w/ Reed Dickens


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Recorded earlier – 10/31/16

In this episode of The Willie Robertson Podcast, Willie and Johnny D are joined by their “political friend” Reed Dickens. After Johnny D shares his excruciating experience with recently going gluten-free, the guys talk about the last Presidential Debate and Willie tells us how he had to bum money for gas from a stranger in order to get home to watch it.

Willie also addresses Donald Trump’s controversial comments which surfaced last week and how he hopes to be able to sit down with him and talk about the gospel. As former Assistant White House Press Secretary and someone who ran a crisis management firm, Reed also confronts Trump’s comments and how having daughters affects the way he digests this information. And why does Reed compare Trump’s performance in the first 10 minutes of the debate to a baby seal clubbing…?


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