“Going for the Gold” and Listener Mailbag


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Recorded earlier – 8/29/16

Willie is an all around natural athlete. Badminton and bowling are his specialties and he has countless “black birdie” trophies to show for it. The boys riff on the Olympic games and much more!

Also, in this episode we dig deep into the mailbag and listen to questions sent to #askbosshog on twitter. There are some good ones and some, well, you’ll have to hear for yourself!

Did you make the mailbag?


@williebosshog What was it like speaking to the American people at the Republican National Convention back in July? #askbosshog

— Lexi Rockwell (@Lexi_smith28) August 4, 2016

@williebosshog Whos your favorite Country Artist since the #CMAfest are today? #Askbosshog

— Merican Soldier (@a_soldier88) August 4, 2016

#askbosshog @williebosshog Is there anything in your life that you regret doing or regret having?

— Kylie (@kivy0317) August 4, 2016

Do you or any member of your family who is qualified to do so, baptize a child upon request? What about if out of state? #askbosshog

— David Smith (@DaveGooseman) August 4, 2016

#askbosshog Willie use to see you in a certain Mexican restaurant and a certain grocery store. Hate that fame has put you I hiding

— spurlock (@mikeyspurlock) August 4, 2016

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