Santa Claus from the North Pole


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Santa Claus (via his good friend Kelly Rands from The Humor Mill Orlando) joins us to celebrate... Well, the North Pole of course, but mainly Christmas! Santa recalls his early days with Burgermeister Meisterburger, and talks honestly about why he's currently spending most of the year at The Villages in Central Florida. Santa Claus shares his pro tips to a fulfilling Yuletide season, tells us about balancing the demands of his job and his marriage to Mrs. Claus, and plays a new game we invented just for him: WHAT ARE THEY GETTING? PLUS: Santa won't stop calling me Billy.



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Full Uncut Interview (Livestream)
Where I'm From YouTube Channel
The Humor Mill Orlando
Burgermeister Meisterburger
2020 Central Florida Sketch Comedy Festival
The Villages
Santa Claus is Coming To Town
The Life & Adventures of Santa Claus
The Elf Riots of 1536
Mcdonald's Santa Clause The Movie Christmas Happy Meal Commercial
Violent Night
The Santa Clause
Santa Claus Conquers The Martians
Miracle on 34th Street
The Polar Express

00:00:00 Intro
00:02:19 How Old Is Santa?
00:03:22 Santa Calls Bill "Billy"
00:04:24 Why Is Santa in Winter Haven, Florida?
00:05:10 - North Pole Chili's
00:07:03 - The Villages
00:08:02 Even Santa Works Remote
00:08:59 The Secret Origin of Santa Claus
00:10:10 - Santa Claus is a Hufflepuff
00:11:15 Mrs. Claus
00:11:54 Santa's Favorite Santa Movies
00:12:28 - The Santa Clause
00:12:28 - Violent Night
00:13:13 - Santa Claus Conquers The Martians
00:15:36 Santa's Favorite Teachers
00:16:20 - Santa's Cats
00:17:40 The Saddest Thing Santa's Seen
00:19:11 Cookie Talk
00:20:13 Santa's Thoughts on "Keep Christmas In December"
00:21:11 How Santa Learned To Make Toys
00:22:45 The Elf Riots of 1536
00:24:57 A Coal Conundrum
00:27:25 Streann Studio Ad Read
00:28:56 The Dark Side of the Reindeer
00:31:35 Santa Is The Real Florida Man
00:32:48 Job Stress and Santa's Marriage
00:32:48 A Chat Message from "Rudolpho"
00:35:45 Should We Still Be Giving Each Other Christmas Presents?
00:39:07 - Bill Doesn't Want To Get Angry At Santa
00:40:01 Santa's Favorite Santa Claus Story
00:40:11 - Miracle on 34th Street (1947)
00:40:28 - The Polar Express
00:42:10 What Are They Getting?
00:50:11 The Humor Mill Orlando
00:51:27 Santa Goes Hard Against Commercialism
00:52:40 The Elves Party Hard
00:54:25 Santa Loves Rap
00:54:51 - Santa Raps
00:56:21 Santra Addresses Labor Issues and THAT New York Post Article
00:59:26 How Many Children Has Santa Delivered Presents To?
01:00:27 Santa's Relationship with McDonald's
01:05:03 What Does Santa Want For Christmas?
01:08:57 Wheel of Anecdotes
01:14:57 Close

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