Rebecca Johnson from Birmingham, Alabama Part 2


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Rebecca Johnson (co-host of Supergirl Radio) comes back to tell us more about her hometown of Birmingham, Alabama. She explains why she moved back after 14 years, and discusses Alabama's history of racism and how the city has grown. Rebecca Johnson shares her experiences running A/V equipment for two different churches, talks about her love of Tim Burton's Batman, reminisces about working at Turner in Atlanta, reveals her favorite local Birmingham TV station, and discusses the parallels between real life and her character on The Fakist. PLUS: A fresh game of Hometown Hot Takes!



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Rebecca Johnson
Supergirl Radio
Birmingham, Alabama
16th Street Baptist Church Bombing
Railroad Park
Buckhead Church
Service Merchandise
Slow Art - Birmingham Museum of Art
The Fakist: One Last Day

00:00:00 Intro
00:00:36 The 16th Street Bombing
00:04:43 - Railroad Park
00:07:00 On God's A/V Squad
00:10:58 Moving Back To Birmingham
00:15:07 - Why Rebecca Came Back To Birmingham
00:18:05 - Turner Memories
00:19:22 Re-acclimating to Birmingham
00:21:58 - The Fakist and the "Big Red Cloud"
00:22:54 Strean Studio Ad Read
00:24:36 Birmingham's Comic Book Scene
00:27:12 - Service Merchandise
00:30:19 - Slow Art at the Birmingham Museum of Art
00:32:17 Hometown Hot Takes
00:42:17 - In Defense of Alabama
00:43:50 Close

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