What if a cat and a wizard were best friends? (w/ Mary & Tanveer)


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When one best friend wants some space from another, is that okay? San Antonio based comedians Mary Picarazzi and Tanveer Arora will help us figure it out!

Lessons include: everyone needs a little space sometimes; it’s great to be encouraging of your friends and their artwork.

Mary Picarazzi and Tanveer Arora are late night comedians and friends to Mr. Eric. They have an interview podcast for grownups called Nobody Meet Somebody, where they interview Eric and other great guests. It’s available on YouTube, Apple Podcasts, and wherever you listen! They also have a late night comedy show for adults every Friday at 10pm in San Antonio at the Blind Tiger Comedy Club. You can follow them on Instagram @tanveerarora @mapicarazzi @nobodymeetsomebody and @blindtigercomedy.

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What If World is made by Eric and Karen O'Keeffe. Our theme song is by Craig Martinson and our podcast art is by Jason O’Keefe. Additional songs and sound effects from audioblocks.com. This episode features editing and sound design by Dessiree McFarland.

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