The Modern Black Father: Adulting & Showing Up (ft. George James, PsyD, LMFT)


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This week's episode features a conversation with Dr. George James, PsyD, LMFT.
In his role as Chief Innovation Officer, Dr. James assists in developing innovative programs and services for Council for Relationships including launching a new mental wellness and therapy initiative for athletes and entertainers (from high school and college to professional status through retirement). Dr. James also plays a significant role with media and provides media training for therapists internally and externally.

Dr. James works extensively with professional athletes, entertainers, adult men & women, executives, and young adult women and men on various issues including adulting, anxiety, parenting, romantic relationships/love life, depression, leadership, career, work-life balance, racial identity/development, affairs, lack of communication and intimacy & sex concerns.

In addition, Dr. James is an Assistant Professor for the Couple and Family Therapy Master’s Program at Thomas Jefferson University, which is offered in partnership with Council for Relationships. He speaks and consults with universities, for profit and non-profit organizations and family owned businesses. Dr. James is devoted to helping people improve their quality of life, to be involved in the healing of their wounds and enrichment of their relationships.

Dr. James is President and CEO of George Talks, LLC, a communication and consulting company. Dr. James is a nationally recognized speaker, seminar presenter and facilitator on various topics. Additionally, Dr. James has been a reoccurring expert guest on radio, television, and online programs including The TODAY Show, CNBC, Nickelodeon, Good Day Philadelphia on FOX29, NBC10, CBS3, iHeartradio, Radio One, Ebony Magazine, and many others. Dr. James is a board member for Child Guidance Resource Centers and Project Pneuma. Dr. James is also a member of the CNBC Financial Wealth Council. He was appointed to the Philadelphia Mayor’s Commission on African American Males in 2017. Also, in 2017, he was awarded the BMe Genius award, and then in 2018, he received the Fun Times Magazine Man of Influence award. Later in 2018, Dr. James was invited to be a part of the BMe Public Voices Fellowship with the Op Ed Project. Most recently, he was awarded the 2019 American Association of Marriage and Family Therapist’s (AAMFT) Excellence in Media Award.

Dr. James attended Villanova University as a Presidential Scholar and majored in Psychology and concentrated in Africana Studies. He received his Masters of Family Therapy degree from Drexel University and his doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Immaculata University.

As always, thank you for spending your Wednesday with us!
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