TIP386: Global Investment Opportunities w/ Lyn Alden


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  • 00:43 - How does Treasury-Inflation-Protected-Securities (TIPS) work, and is it good inflation protection?
  • 04:26 - Are TIPS a good investment for some investors but not for others?
  • 05:24 - How to protect yourself against inflation
  • 09:53 - How to rank asset classes based on attractiveness?
  • 13:16 - How to value a stock market?
  • 17:41 - Which other factors than valuation can you use to identify the most attractive equity markets.
  • 21:10 - How do you value the USD compared to other currencies?
  • 24:18 - Which equity markets are currently most attractive.
  • 28:29 - How to position in various equity markets.
  • 33:04 - How to consider our currency exposure in our investments.
  • 38:04 - Why the structural deficit in the US doesn't matter until it really matters?
  • 41:55 - What is China's game plan to make its currency more dominant?
  • 45:04 - Is the Chinese market more attractive than the Indian market?
  • 48:04 - How to build a personalized global portfolio?

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