BTC046: Bitcoin Full Nodes & Instant Settlement on the Lightning Network w/ BTC Sessions (Bitcoin Podcast)


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  • 03:46 - How BTC Sessions first got introduced to Bitcoin.
  • 07:09 - Why a person should run a full node.
  • 07:09 - What does a full node enable?
  • 14:03 - Twitter's Bitcoin tipping integration.
  • 17:40 - What tools and applications exist on layer 2.
  • 32:49 - What's the best way to think about opening channels on layer 2?
  • 41:38 - What are the incentives for the regular person to use layer 2 Bitcoin?
  • 49:25 - What is the purpose of lightning pool?
  • 59:05 - What apps and hardware is BTC Sessions excited about?
  • 01:01:02 - What it means to be streaming sats.

*Disclaimer: Slight timestamp discrepancies may occur due to podcast platform differences.


  • BTC Sessions' Twitter Account (let him know if you set-up your own node).
  • BTC Sessions' Youtube Channel.
  • BTC Sessions' tutorial on setting up your own node.
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