10 -Fish Out of Water (feat. Bec Melrose)


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Bream stops by the studio to learn to how to make friends and give compliments.

Later in the listener mailbag section we hear from Reginald about dessert etiquette, housemate fridge rules, and the difficulty with reconnecting with old friends. Featuring Bec Melrose (Tonightly, Raw Comedy, Comedy Zone, Post ITS.) Brought to you by HELP Industries. If you have a problem, send it to weneedhelppod@gmail.com and don't forget to follow us on social media. We'd love to hear from you. Rate us on Apple Podcasts and we'll read it out on the show. Produced by Disco Turtle Productions. Hosted by Marcel Blanch- de Wilt, Orya Golgowski, and Eleanor Stankewicz.

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