Ep 68: The struggle of 3


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Damn you 3. Why is it always 3? Why can't they just be happy with 1 like back in my day. Used to be 1 and then wait a week to see what else is going to happen. But no, now it is always 3. How are we supposed to handle all this? Who asked for this? It's just not right. I have a life. A job. A wife. Kids. I can't do all this and deal with 3....... What's 3 you ask? Well 3 episodes of course. All shows must premiere with 3 episodes. How is one to juggle that with the other 4 shows that we are already covering. Why don't they think about us podcasters when they release the content...... Hmm? Aren't I unemployed? Well true, but still.... Single? I mean yeah I'm single, but I still have.... Never had kids? Yeah I know I don't have kids. For crying out loud, can't a man just complain on the internet without being picked apart. I mean come on. I know this is all first world problems, but let me have this. All the real issues are so big out there.

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