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2021-01-26 / Dr. Robert Gallo is an experienced scientist who has made groundbreaking discoveries since the Nixon era. Robert Gallo began his career by fighting the established orthodoxy to prove that retroviruses exist in humans, and he was the first to identify a human retrovirus – human T cell leukemia virus, the only virus known to cause leukemia. This paved the way to his most notorious accomplishment: the discovery that HIV was the cause of AIDS, and the further development of HIV blood test. Gallo, who is the director of the Institute of Human Virology at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, continues to search for answers to the mysteries that have vexed him for decades – he now oversees several ongoing studies, including a promising HIV vaccine trial in humans. Dr. Robert Gallo was joined by three panelists: Prof, Anders Vahlne, Prof. Jan Lötvall and Assoc. Prof Peter Horal. Vill du stötta vårt arbete? Du kan bli medlem i Vetenskapsforum Covid-19 här: vetcov19.se/bli-medlem/ Du kan även donera till vårt arbete: vetcov19.se/donera/

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