Social Innovation and Sustainable Business Talks podcast series - #1


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In this podcast series, you will hear what practitioners from sustainability-oriented companies and academics from different fields focusing on social innovation and sustainability research think about the major challenges and future opportunities in the transition to the circular economy.

One of the perspectives in the discussions will be social innovations needed in addition to technological innovations to support more sustainable consumer behavior. The aim is to inspire business developers in companies to further develop more sustainable business ideas and promote social innovation.

The podcast closes with practically relevant research questions for researchers that will help us in the academia to focus on the key issues in transitioning to the circular economy.

Hosting podcast #1: Dr. Ulla Saari, senior researcher at Media, Management & Transformation Research Centre (MMTC) and assistant professor of sustainable business at Jönköping International Business School.

Industrial sector in focus: automotive sector

Company representation: DI Johann Bachler from AVL List GmbH, Austria,

Guest from Academia: Prof. Rupert Baumgartner from University of Graz, Austria

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