Verse Chorus Noise episode 009 - Blondie - Parallel Lines - Clem Burke interview


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Verse Chorus Noise is a new series where we discuss the making of legendary albums with the icons and music industry professionals who were involved with those records.
On this installment we talk with Blondie founding member and drummer Clem Burke.
After the interview, click here to listen to the entire album.
Parallel Lines full album:
Buy your vinyl copy of Parallel Lines here:
Singles from Parallel Lines:
Heart Of Glass
Picture This
Hanging On The Telephone
One Way Or Another
Sunday Girl
Parallel Lines was produced by Mike Chapman
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Blondie is:
Debbie Harry
Chris Stein
Clem Burke
Leigh Foxx
Matt Katz-Bohen
Tommy Kessler
Past members
Jimmy Destri
Nigel Harrison
Frank Infante
Gary Valentine
Fred Smith
Ivan Kral

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