Common sense and etiquette for dog owners


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Hi there!

Here are some unwritten rules of dog ownership that I think you as a dog owner should know about. And maybe you already do, but if you don't I am happy that you learn about this.

This podcast has a very informative function. It was not my intention to make people uncomfortable or maybe even pissed with me. My intention was to make people who don't own dogs more happy about people who do own dogs.

Have fun with it!

What is your best tips for a good dog owner behavior? If you have tips on the topic of common sense and etiquette please comment and DM me on or You can also contact me on where you will find my telephone number. Please call me if you have questions about my services.


000.14 Intro

01:27 What is ok and not ok to let your dog do?

03:08 Some examples of unwritten rules of dog ownership

03:55 Letting your dog bark on a dog in a garden.

04:27 How many times do you give your dog a command before you want your dog to execute the action of the command?

05:20 Please share your Ideas of common sense and etiquette of dog owning.

05:44 an example of an embarrassing behavior

07:53 Outro


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