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So after our first episode together, I asked Lizz if she would like to be my co-host,

I'll let you into a secret... she said YES!

so here is our trailer for the podcast, hope you enjoy it and it makes you give our episodes a listen.

Have you ever swiped left so much that couldn’t swipe right?

Match and Tinder made you want to set fire to your phone?

Found another fish in the POF sea… except he just happens to be married with 3 kids?

Welcome to the world of online dating! Luckily you’re in the right place…

Dating Apps can leave us crazy and mixing up our words... and we’re here to help with that! We have been on so many dates, that we could write a podcast about it... oh wait we just have!

What can you expect in the Unhinged and Bumbled Up podcast?

  • Dating Do’s, Don’ts and Disasters
  • What we and our guests would gladly chuck in the 2020 dating bin to be gone forever!
  • What real people REALLY think about those tricky dating dilemmas
  • Awesome dating trivia (you never know when it’ll come in handy for a pub quiz!)
  • Top tips and tricks from our awesome Expert Guests… who luckily know a little more about dating than we do!

So if you’ve ever had a dating disaster, ignored the red flags, or felt like your dating life was less successful than BoJos hairstylist, then you’re in the right place!

Do we know what we’re talking about? No! (Our dating lives are both utter shite)

But will we have a laugh deconstructing them and hopefully make you feel a little less alone on your dating journey? Abso-bloody-lutely!

So join Serial Dater Phil and Dating Detoxer Lizz as we talk all things dating… The good, the bad and the “sorry, there’s just no spark…”

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