The Exclusive club no one intended to be apart of - with Louise Johnson


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This week we’re joined by Louise Johnson, author of ‘Lou Who? Two countries, two names, many men... a memoir of self-discovery’.

Lou shares with us how - after getting a divorce and upping sticks to move to Canada - she rebuilt her life, got back on the dating horse, and everything she learned in the process!

Witty, honest and laugh-out-loud funny (seriously though, we had to edit out tons of Lizz giggling...), Lou’s story is a poignant and relatable account of life after the Big D.

What can you expect in episode 2?

-Dating Do’s and Don’ts… Lou’s shares her best and worst dating experiences

-What we’d gladly chuck in the 2020 dating bin

-Fun facts about dating (whip these out if conversation ever dries up on your date!)

-A special guest game just for Lou!

-Why Lou’s work colleagues will never look at her the same again..!

So if you’ve ever had a dating disaster, ignored the red flags, or felt like your dating life was less successful than Dominic Cummings’ last eye test, then you’re in the right place! Do we know know what we’re talking about? No! (Our dating lives are both utter shite) But will we have a laugh deconstructing them and hopefully make you feel a little less alone on your dating journey? Abso-bloody-lutely!

So join Serial Dater Phil and Dating Detoxer Lizz as we talk all things dating… The good, the bad and the “sorry, there’s just no spark…”

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