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The countdown is finally over, Episode 1 is here!

To kick it all off, I am joined by Lizz who runs the blog and InstagramMy Date Free Year’. As the name suggests, Lizz is doing a total Dating Detox - one whole year of no dating, no Apps, no texting and absolutely no physical contact with members of the opposite sex!

Lizz is a woman of her word - getting her to come on the podcast required a solemn and binding vow of Work Chat Only and she kindly stopped short of needing me to get castrated in order for her to appear on the show… Thanks Lizz!

What can you expect in episode 1?

  • Dating Do’s, Don’ts… and possibly the most hideous Dating Disaster you’ll ever hear!
  • What we’d gladly chuck in the 2020 dating bin
  • Awesome dating trivia (you never know when it’ll come in handy for a pub quiz!)
  • Lizz’s best learnings from her Date Free Year so far (in case you want to take a break from dating, or, y’know, so you don’t have to..!)

So if you’ve ever had a dating disaster, ignored the red flags, or felt like your dating life was less successful than BoJos hairstylist, then you’re in the right place! Do we know know what we’re talking about? No! (Our dating lives are both utter shite) But will we have a laugh deconstructing them and hopefully make you feel a little less alone on your dating journey? Abso-bloody-lutely!

So join Serial Dater Phil and Dating Detoxer Lizz as we talk all things dating… The good, the bad and the “sorry, there’s just no spark…”

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