Never Judge A Book By It's Cover Pt. 1 - with Tricky Ricky


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This week Phil and Lizz speak with Ricky 'Tricky' Hill, recent star of First Dates Hotel and Insta-famous built-like-a-god gym owner. We grill Richard about his First Dates Hotel experience, and he opens up about how looks aren't always what they seem, how Asperger's has affected his dating... and shares a fascinating dating fact that will change the way you look at dating forever!

What can you expect in episode 4?

  • Dating Do’s, Don’ts and Disasters…Richard share his own experiences and give you the how-to and the how-not-to
  • What Richard would gladly chuck in the 2020 dating bin... but does Phil agree?
  • A dating trivia challenge with a gruelling CrossFit forfeit if he's wrong
  • The same no-holds-barred honesty you’ve come to expect (...and Lizz getting extremely flustered!)

So join Serial Dater Phil and Dating Detoxer Lizz as we talk all things dating… The good, the bad and the “sorry, there’s just no spark…”

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