Codependency Actually with the Notts Crew part 1. With Jo Westwood


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This week Phil and Lizz are joined by Jo Westwood - Codependency Coach Extraordinaire and all round fabulous human!

Have you ever been a relationship that was all drama-drama-drama? Felt like you spend your whole life pleasing other people and end up exhausted? Realised you had totally lost yourself in a relationship?

You might have a problem with codependency…

in this episode, Jo shares with us her top tips on how to tell if you have a problem with codependency and how to spot if you are dating a narcissist. She shares her top tips for dating successfully (it might not be what you’d expect…) and how she helps recovering codependents through her work as a codependency coach.

So if you’ve ever had a dating disaster, ignored the red flags, or felt like your dating life was less successful than Lizz’s attempts at free-pouring a ‘sensible’ gin and tonic, then you’re in the right place! Do we know know what we’re talking about? No! (Our dating lives are both utter shite) But will we have a laugh about them and hopefully make you feel a little less alone on your dating journey? Abso-bloody-lutely!

So join Serial Dater Phil and Dating Detoxer Lizz as we talk all things dating… The good, the bad and the “sorry, there’s just no spark…”

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