The Last Outpost


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Lifelong friends and Star Trek fans Nick LaMacchia and Greg Spunt continue their epic journey through the Star Trek: The Next Generation series with the fourth episode, The Last Outpost, and much hilarity ensues.
Whether you're watching along with the series as a companion to this podcast or you're allowing us to paint the picture entirely for you, get ready to be teleported directly into the action as we dissect the episode with loving irreverence.
Along the way, we'll explore important questions like 'seriously, what is even happening with Counselor Troi's powers?' and 'is Data broken, or do the producers just think we're stupid?'
In the end we will name our HERO of the episode in an effort to uncover the ULTIMATE HERO of the Star Trek: The Next Generation universe.
So join us as we "trek through Trek to figure out who trekked the trek the trekkiest" and prepare for...MAXIMUM ACCELERATION!

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