#18 - Nontokozo Tshabalala - Afrofuturism, the power of art and about race


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Third room is back with yet another episode in English! This episode is struck by the light of the great Nontokozo from Southafrica that is currently studying in Sweden. Nontokozo is a graphic designer, artist, poet and so much more! We discuss the topic of afrofuturism and how it looks like. We talk about black identities in relations to societies we live in and how to create spaces that are safe and emancipating for future generations. We also talk about what it means to create art and what effect it can have on the human perception of reality. The episode is more than 90 minutes long because of the intense discussion about the diffrent topics! Check it out! You can find us on Soundcloud, Spotify, Itunes, Acast and apps where you listen to podcasts! A big shout out to the people keeping it real for the marginalized and fighting for the future generations! We can make great change together!

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