Episode #85: NWA-TNA PPV #84 - 3/3/04: Tough Love


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Bob Colling Jr. & Dallas Gridley head into the eighty-fourth NWA-TNA Pay-Per-View from March 3, 2004 at the TNA Asylum in Nashville, Tennessee. Chris Harris is once again put to the test by D.O.A. Vince Russo and he kicks off the show facing Kevin Northcutt! Plus, Frankie Kazarian returns to face off against Jerry Lynn after being left off Team NWA, AJ Styles and Abyss battle in a Falls Count Anywhere Match, and a huge 10-Man Tag Team Match! Also, Ebessan & Kuishinbo Kamen debut as part of Team Japan, NWA World Champion Jeff Jarrett makes his presence known and will we see Raven back on the road to fulfill his destiny? Listen now to hear about what goes down in the TNA Asylum this week and all the backstage news & rumors!

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