Episode #105: TNA iMPACT! #4 - 6/25/04: Guitar-Gate Unfolds


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Bob Colling Jr. & Dallas Gridley head into the fourth episode of TNA iMPACT! on FSN from June 25, 2004 at the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida. D'Lo Brown returns to action to team up with AJ Styles to take on the team of Abyss & Dallas in the main event! Plus, Monty Brown in action against Pat Kenney, America's Most Wanted takes on Team Canada and a huge 6-Man X-Division Tag Team Match! Also, will we get an answer on who is rightfully the NWA World Heavyweight Champion? Will we hear from one of America's most hated people again? Join us to hear all about what goes down this week in the iMPACT! Zone!

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