Bonus Episode #5: WWA: Retribution - 2/9/2003


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Bob Colling Jr. & Dallas Gridley are back with their fifth bonus show this week due to TNA being pre-empted due to a fair at the fairgrounds, who would've guessed?! We cover the World Wrestling All-Star's fourth Pay-Per-View from February 9, 2003 in Glasgow, Scotland! This show includes a huge main event as Sting takes on Lex Luger for the vacant WWA Heavyweight Championship! Plus Jeff Jarrett defends the NWA World Heavyweight Championship against Nathan Jones, Joe E. Legend takes on Mike Sanders and Shark Boy faces Frankie Kazarian! Also, Teo, Puppet, Johnny Swinger, Malice, Simon Diamond, Sabu, Perry Saturn and so much more! Will this finally be a good WWA show for us? Join us to find out!

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