Daily Horoscope astrology 30th of September 2022-Moon leaves the Via Combusta


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Daily Horoscope Forecast Astrology Predictions: 28th September 2022

Daily Astrology Forecast Aspects Horoscope 28th of September, Free daily Forecast! by Imani


read more about the void of course moon here


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30 September 2022

Mars BiQuintile transit Moon's South Node at 06:37

Moon leaves the Via Combusta at 20:57


25 September 2022

Moon enters Virgo at 06:52

New Moon at 22:55

26 September 2022

27 September 2022

Moon enters Libra at 13:48

28 September 2022

Moon enters the Via Combusta at 16:33

29 September 2022

Crescent Moon at 14:01

Moon enters Scorpio at 18:55

30 September 2022

Moon leaves the Via Combusta at 20:57

Planet Positions on 1st Oct 2022

Moon is in Scorpio

1 October 2022

Moon Void of Course Starts at 16:04

Moon enters Sagittarius at 22:42

all times are in GMT My daily free astrology readings, horoscopes, and wholistic spiritual guidance videos are based on constellational astrology and transits. All times are GMT- UK TIME Constellational uses the actual position of planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and our little Dwarfy Planet friend Pluto and the luminaries- sun and moon are in at any given time. I use the aspects the planets and luminaries make day to day to bring you the east suggestions to help you manage the week.

I also give tips for all content creators, writers, drawers, alternative healers etc., on what task or content is best to produce on any given day. To give you the best astrological forecast for the day and the week, by focusing on the transit and aspects the luminaries and planets are making to each other.

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