378 Invincible (and death of the Snyderverse)


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Great stuff and welcome. This week we review the first three episodes of Invincible! Plus bad news for Zack Snyder fans, more delays but a definitive release date for Black Widow, the first The Suicide Squad trailer, Transformers trundles along, Ghost Of Tsushima gets a movie, so much DC news along with the of a comedy legend, Jessica Walter. Thanks for watching!

Bonus Invincible Comic Review - Booque Clubbe

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00:00 The Start

05:39 Jessica Walter RIP

06:56 Delays But Don’t Dismays

11:06 We Definitely Stop Doing Becker Audio Drops

12:06 The Suicide Squad Trailer

16:44 Transformers Spin-Off

18:16 Ghost of Tsushima Movie

25:26 DC Movie News Bonanza

26:21 I Can’t Believe They’ve Done This

34:05 Restore the Snyderverse

38:09 Invincible Review (TV Series but Non-Comic Spoilers 47:14)

54:50 What We Reading, What We Gonna Read

01:03:14 Letters, It’s Time For Letters

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