371 Best & Worst Movies Based on Books


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This week Andy & Al join us to get into the best and worst movies based off books! But before that we get into the news of the week including Resident Evil, the Nintendo Netflix deal that died, more Dracula, Bruce Willis' latest outing, the Matrix 4 get s title, Armor Wars, a Wakanda series, Thor 4 and of course Snyder Cut news. Thanks for listening!

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00:00 The Start

02:43 Resident Evil Release

04:40 Netflix Series Leaks

07:38 Dracula and the Dark Universe Returns

09:54 Cosmic Sin Trailer

12:47 Fantastic Beasts 3 Troubles

14:06 Matrix 4 Title Reveal

18:33 War Machine and Armor Wars

19:36 Wakanda Disney+ Series

21:08 Thor 4 Details

22:42 Snyder Cut Rating

23:28 The Pop Test

29:51 Best & Worst Movies Based on Books

01:30:53 What We Reading, What We Gonna Read

01:47:17 Letters, It's Time For Letters

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