001 | GMO? Kenyan Cancer Researcher Reacts | Dr. Victor Oria


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The announcement by the government, after a cabinet meeting on October 3, 2022, chaired by Kenyan President William Ruto, that it had lifted the ban on Genetically Modified Crops (GMO) after a 10-year suspension took has led to various reactions from Kenyans. In this episode, we get a reaction from a cancer researcher based in Denmark on his views on the same.

Dr Victor Oria is a Cancer Researcher at the Biotech Research and Innovation centre at the university of Copenhagen, Denmark. He is also the chief scientist at the integrated cancer research foundation of Kenya. He is a passionate science communicator who cares about his country of Origin and what his fellow country knows about science.

The Key takeaway is that cancer is not caused by GMOs based on the current research done so far. Check out the second episode talking to someone who has made a GMO before as promised.

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