Episode #68 - Honor Thy Father and Mother If They Honor You


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So America is in the middle of a reckoning with racism, extremism, violence and the spread of misinformation during a global pandemic? That don't impress me much! Oh, oh, ohhhh. Hey, pat yourself on the back for being here. Life!: It's not for the feeble hearted. On today's episode:

  • MAJOR props to Latosha Brown, Stacey Abrams and the democrats who showed up in Georgia.
  • Somber words from Michelle Obama
  • The repercussions of unrecognized trauma
  • A man named Bruce Mejia who really doesn't like women
  • and a reading of Chapter 2 of The Tao of Fully Feeling by Pete Walker all about denial, false forgiveness and perfectionism.

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