The Trail Went Cold – Bonus Episode – A Nightmare Before Halloween (Part 1)


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…1 campfire…

…1 dark forest…

…31 bone-chilling stories…

…Will YOU survive the night?

This Halloween season, enter the woods for a unique and truly epic podcast experience! Around the campfire Shane Waters will introduce 31 crime podcast hosts, including Robin Warder of “The Trail Went Cold”. Each host brings a new, nerve-wracking true story to the circle. It’s an extra special, two part, five-hour, Halloween event, but before hitting play you might want to ask yourself…can you really handle this much murder and mayhem? So, pull up to the fire and brace yourself for “A Nightmare Before Halloween”

…but be warned…

…bad things happen in these woods….

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Murder She Told

Crime Salad



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Rotten to the Core

The Trail Went Cold

Once Upon A Crime


The Peripheral & Generation Why

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