SNL Stories: Paul Shaffer (ft. Tom "Bones" Malone)


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Welcome back SNL Stories, our interview podcast series where the Saturday Night Network catches up with SNL alumni from all eras of the show! Our next guest is Paul Shaffer, who was a member of the original SNL band from 1975-1980, a featured cast member in Season 5 (1979-1980), a host in 1987 (S12), and the musical director for David Letterman's bands from 1982-2015.

We are also joined by former guest Tom "Bones" Malone, who was another member of the original SNL band from 1975-1980, the musical director of the band from 1981-1985, and a member of David Letterman's band.

Shaffer and Malone tell us some great stories about their time at SNL, including Paul uttering the first swear word on SNL during the 100th episode, and the meal they HAD to eat before every live show. Hope you enjoy this special podcast hosted by Jon Schneider & James Stephens!


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