018 | Dr. Michael Breus: The Power of When


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Sleep expert Dr. Michael Breus, author of The Power of When, stops by The Sessions to discuss how adjusting when you eat, when you exercise, when you consume caffeine, and when you get light exposure can optimize your health, energy, and productivity. Topics include: * The 8-Hour Myth: Why not everyone really NEEDS eight hours of sleep a night. * How to find out what your sleep type is. Are you a dolphin, lion, bear, or wolf? * Targeted tips and recommendations for insomniacs and night owls! * The very worst thing you can do when you wake up in middle of the night. * The best times to connect with your kids, fight with your partner, and of course, have sex. Take the Chronotype Test and find your sleep type at www.thepowerofwhenquiz.com. Register for The Sleep Success Summit at www.freesleepsummit.com. Hosted by Sean Croxton.

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