Should You Invest In Crypto or Not? (CANNONBALL)


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What do three of the biggest brokerage companies have to say about crypto? They don't all which one is right for your future?

================ LISTENER QUESTION/COMMENTS ================ I have an old 401k plan from a previous employer. How do I decide to roll it into a new plan or not (Martin, Memphis TN

How do you pick a good insurance company if you don't like their quarterback (Jason)

Do we have to budget or is there something easier to do (Mindy, Thankful in Washington)

What does the tool of money mean for you (Big J)

================ TOPICS ================ What are the three trade-offs to consider when making life decisions (yes, money is one).

RED ALERT WARNING - Airline miles aren't always what they are made out to be. ================ ENCORE ================

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