REShow: Yannick Ngakoue - Hour 3 (5-20-2022)


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Colts DE Yannick Ngakoue tells Rich why he thinks Matt Ryan can lead Indianapolis to the Super Bowl, says why he wants to be known as a great all-around player and not just a formidable pass rusher, applauds his former Raiders teammates for making the playoffs last season despite all the off-the-field distractions they faced, then Rich enlists the Pro Bowler in trying to foist “The Mattural” nickname on Ryan for the umpteenth time.

Rich reacts to reports that the Cleveland Browns, Seattle Seahawks and Carolina Panthers are in a “holding pattern” when it comes to Baker Mayfield.

In what’s surely to result in many a night being exiled to sleeping on the couch, Rich throws wife Suzy Shuster under the bus and blames her for the 16 1-star Uber ratings he’s received over the years.

The ‘Big-Ass Grab Bag’ returns with TJ listing his top 5 TV sitcom moms, and the guys react to an disabled artist who drew a sketch of Rich using only his mouth.

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