REShow: Patrick Queen/Steve Mariucci - Hour 2 (5-13-2022)


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Ravens linebacker Patrick Queen and Rich discuss Baltimore’s early-season run of games against the AFC East, how he feels about facing fellow LSU alum Joe Burrow twice a year in the AFC North, his relationship with Lamar Jackson, how Ray Lewis and Calais Campbell have mentored him, and more.

Rich and the guys dust off their RES Consulting thinking caps and concoct what’s could be either a foolish or brilliant idea: a barbershop catering exclusively to bald men.

Former NFL head coach and current NFL Network Analyst Steve Mariucci stops by the studio and discusses Kay Adams leaving ‘Good Morning Football’ which leads down memory lane for some great stories from the set of ‘NFL GameDay Morning,’ shares a hilarious story about the time he tried and failed to get an iconic in-game photo with Hall of Fame QB Steve Young, and reacts to the release of the NFL’s 2022 schedule.

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