REShow: Jeff Passan/George Kittle - Hour 2 (5-20-2022)


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ESPN MLB Insider Jeff Passan tells Rich why we might see a New York vs California World Series involving the Mets, Yankees, Dodgers or Angels, says why Aaron Judge is likely to land a $300 Million contract in free agency after turning down a lucrative extension prior to this season, why we’re talking as much about deadened baseballs and pitch clocks as we are about wins and losses, and why umpires vs players strife is nothing new to the game.

Rich weighs in on the possibility of a Pitch Clock in MLB and says why baseball needs to focus on creating more action over shorter games.

49ers All-Pro TE George Kittle tells Rich how he and Travis Kelce have turned ‘Tight End University’ into a big-time yearly event involving the NFL’s best TE’s along with retired all-time greats, why he’s excited to see how different the Niners’ offense will be with Trey Lance starting at QB over Jimmy Garoppolo, and talks Deebo Samuel, Robert Tonyan and Greg Olsen in the broadcast booth.

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