REShow: Tim Cowlishaw - Hour 2 (5-16-2022)


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ESPN ‘Around the Horn’ Panelist and Dallas Morning News columnist Tim Cowlishaw tells Rich where Luka Doncic falls in the pantheon of Dallas legendary athletes at the tender age of 23, and why the Philadelphia Eagles have caught up to the Cowboys in the battle for NFC East supremacy.

Rich reacts to the Patrick Beverley’s harsh comments about Chris Paul and wonders if a journeyman NBA player has the right to criticize a future hall of famer.

In his ‘Overreaction Monday’ segment Rich says if the Rams vs Bills NFL season opener will be a preview of the Super Bowl, how improved the Jacksonville Jaguars and New York Jets will be this season, if the Chargers have a chance to top the Chiefs, Raiders and Broncos for AFC West honors, if it’s Super Bowl or bust for Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy, if Luka Doncic can singlehandedly take the Mavs to the NBA Finals, if the Suns championship window has closed, and if Chris Paul’s postseason failures should dent his hall of fame candidacy.

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