REShow: Mike Florio - Hour 1 (5-18-2022)


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Rich recaps the Miami Heat’s Game 1 win over the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference Finals, and reacts to the outspoken NBA guard Patrick Beverley’s current stint on ESPN.

Pro Football Talk host Mike Florio tells Rich why he thinks Tom Brady is in danger of overexposing himself with so many media projects in the pipeline, what the timeline for a Deshaun Watson suspension looks like, how Watson’s record-breaking contract has impacted other negotiations around the league like Kyler Murray’s, why the Browns might need to send a peace offering to Baker Mayfield if Watson is hit with a lengthy suspension, and says how the Jimmy Garoppolo-Trey Lance QB situation could play out with the 49ers.

Rich weighs in on the 49ers QB situation and explains why Trey Lance deserves every shot to prove himself next season.

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